Provide a distribution service for thermoplastic and engineering polymers, giving technical consultancy and support for the sale of industrial machinery, as well as offering traning to spread the culture of plastic raw materials.


Act as specialist in the raw materials world and moulding technologies for the plastic industry.







Founded in 1982, Arcopolimeri offers integrated technical and industrial consultancy and expertise. The company aims to connect customers and suppliers to solutions for their business, offering the finest products to the plastic processing industry. The company trades and distributes polymers, engineering polymers and high performance themoplastics from all over the world with a strong presence in the market thanks to experienced staff, established sales network, spacious warehouse and innovative products. In 2011 Arcopolimeri merged with F.lli Busato sas, a sister company with 40 years of experience. Its expertise goes from technical and industrial consultancy, to sale of new and second hand machinery, as well as equipment and automation for the plastic industry. Arcopolimeri carefully selects the best partners, offering added value with broad and deep products lines from global and qualified producers. The company goal is to satisfy customers needs proposing new solutions in order to operate efficiently. Arcopolimeri has been aknowledged for expertise, reliability, wide products portfolio and high quality and prompt distribution service.